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The American Cocker Spaniel is a breed of dog that is considered to be of medium size. It is a member of the Spaniel family and was initially developed for use as a hunting companion, much like the English Cocker Spaniel. The breed is often known as the Cocker Spaniel in the United States of America; but, in Canada and other parts of the globe, it is referred to as the American Cocker Spaniel. The practice of using them to hunt woodcock in England is often believed to be the origin of the name “cocker.” Although the Cocker Spaniel type was first seen in the United Kingdom, by the 1940s it was well acknowledged that the American breed of Cocker Spaniel was unique from its English counterpart.


The American Cocker Spaniel is a dog that is of typical dimensions and medium size. It has medium-long silky hair on the body and ears, and it hangs down on the legs and belly (feathering). The appearance of the skull is rounded, and the ears are placed low (drop ears). In most cases, the tail is cut off. The Standard goes into great detail describing the various coat colors. The English Cocker Spaniel is bigger, has a shorter coat, and has a more rectangular skull than its American counterpart.


Height 14 -15 in., weight 24 -28 lbs.

The optimal height at the withers for male American Cocker Spaniels is 15 inches (38 cm), whereas females are often smaller than their male counterparts. As a means of discouraging the breeding of excessively large dogs, the breed standard stipulates that in order for a dog to be disqualified from a breed show, its height must be more than 15.5 inches for a male and 14.5 inches for a female.


The head of an American Cocker Spaniel is easily identifiable due to its rounded dome of the skull, well-pronounced stop, and square lip. These characteristics make it easy to spot this breed in a crowd. The eyes are black, huge, and rounded, and the drop ears are long and positioned low on the head, with long silky hair covering the ears.


Since “few are employed for hunting any longer,” the American Cocker Spaniel is often maintained as a companion dog rather than a hunting dog. The coat of the breed and the colors of the coat have taken on considerable significance since they are quite attractive if they are properly groomed and cared for. This has led to them being popular as pets and as show dogs. The coat should never be curly or cottony in texture; rather, it should be smooth and flat, with an undercoat, and should be short on the head and medium length on the body.

Colors are divided into categories:

  • Black, including
    • Solid black
    • Black with tan points
  • ASCOB (Any Solid Color Other than Black), is defined as any color with or without tan points, and only a very small amount of white
  • Tricolor, including
    • black and white with tan points
    • black and white
    • brown and white
    • brown and white with tan points (brown tri)
    • red and white
  • Parti-color and other colors
  • Roan (individual colored hairs mingled in with white hairs), with or without tan points
    • blue roan or black
    • orange roan or red
    • liver or chocolate roan, shades of brown
  • Sable (no longer recognized by the American Spaniel Club, meaning that breeding dogs of this color are discouraged).
  • Merle (a controversial color that is linked to various ailments; not recognized by the American Spaniel Club, and not registrable with the American Kennel Club).


The American Cocker Spaniel is a breed of dog that is known for being fearless and eager to please its owner in both the field and the home. The happy, gentle, and sensitive Cocker Spaniel is an inseparable buddy of youngsters, and it readily submits to its master’s authority despite the fact that it poses little to no opposition. Joyous and appealing in nature. One with a cheerfully wagging tail. Kind and obedient, with an intellect level around average. They are vivacious, energetic, and dedicated, but they need to be properly socialized while they are young in order to prevent developing a propensity toward shyness. Cockers have a genuine affection for all people and thrive when others are content.


AKC Sporting


Gun Dog

Despite its name, the American Cocker Spaniel is descended from a Spanish breed of dog. This is despite the fact that the breed was developed in the United States. It is generally agreed that the Spanish Spaniel is the earliest of the spaniels that are now recognized. It wasn’t until the seventeenth century that he was separated into the water and land spaniels, although he was originally developed by crossing setters and spaniels. In the year 1892, the Cocker Spaniel was officially acknowledged as a breed in the country of England. The breed was transported to the United States in the late 1870s, and it was here that it evolved fairly divergent lines from the English Cocker. Today, the American Cocker Spaniel is recognized as a separate breed from the English Cocker Spaniel. The English Cocker Spaniel is larger than its American counterpart, the American Cocker Spaniel. In 1943, the American Kennel Club (AKC) established a standard type for the breed, and in 1946, the English Kennel Club (KC) acknowledged the breed as a distinct race in its own right. The name “Cocker” originates from the woodcock, a game bird that these spaniels were able to flush with exceptional success. These days, the Cocker Spaniel is used mostly as a companion animal and as a show dog that may bring in a lot of money. In addition to that, it may be used for tracking, retrieving, watchdogging, agility, and hunting.

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