Best Cheap Tennis Balls for Dogs (Test)

WIMBLEDON | evaluations of tennis balls

Because everyone is getting Wimbledon fever, I decided that now would be a good time to go out and get some new tennis balls and give them a try. (since we were getting dangerously low)

The Test.

  • Twenty minutes of playtime with each ball in the garden (1 ball, two dogs)
  • The typical walking time is forty minutes (same ball, two dogs)

My iPhone was used to time each activity, and there was a break of half an hour between playing in the garden and walking the typical route with the ball (no thrower)

The Contenders

3-PEAKS – Bought from Pets at home | £3 – 3 pack


  • I did love these balls they were nice and soft, bouncy but the material was slightly messy towards the end. A lot easier to find with the grey part and the blue one in the pack in the grassy areas.

FETCH – Bought from ‘The Range’|  £1.79 – 3 pack


  • So 8.39 mins left of the 20min garden play and the ball broke underneath the material… not good! This ball did not end up the best, the material was messy and the ball’s shape and overall performance were not the best! Thumbs down!

NOAHS – Bought from ‘The Range’ | £1.79


  • These balls are very hard! Had to be careful throwing them as when they were catching them in their mouth, my dog’s mouth started bleeding… overall bouncy wasn’t the best as it’s heavier and wouldn’t be buying them again.

KONG – Bought from ‘Pets at home’ | £2 each – bought 2


  • A good overall ball! Even with all the sylvia and 1 pool jump and it carried on squeaking.

SPORT Tesco; Bought from ‘Tesco’ | £2.99 – 12 pack

These are not stated as dog balls, I just bought them to try to see how they were.


  • Surprisingly they are a good tennis ball for the money, especially the amount you get, it didn’t break for our test just seemed to be quite dirty.

So over the few days, I tried the experience of the different balls out, I managed to lose 2 balls so had to do another 2 days of trying out… typical aye! haha, never mind.

Our favorite overall was the 3 peaks ball from pets at home.
Will have to stock up on those bouncy ones.

Do you use any of the balls above?

Lets us know…

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