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JOULES | New pet range

There have been a few dog beds that my puppies have shared over the years, but it may be difficult to locate fresh ones that are suitable for our dimly lit rural living area.

On the other hand, when I came across the new pet selection from Joules, I fell in love at first sight.

Most people are aware of the fact that the color green is favored in our home, and when we saw the “Percher check dog bed,” we knew that we had no choice but to get one.

Simply said, it gave off an air of coziness and seemed like the ideal companion for Hunter and Eva.
I placed an order for a size large so that they would be able to share the bed in the living room whenever they felt like sleeping or taking a nap there since they usually like taking short naps together. Our two cocker spaniels can sleep comfortably on this bed, and there is even extra space for them to spread out.

I really like that the bed was vacuumed packed and that once it was opened, it sprang into position. Additionally, after the soft cushion foundation was placed in place, the bed simply seemed so much cozier.

In addition to that, I went ahead and purchased the companion “Travel nap check travel bed.” Even though it only comes in one size, this item is just right for both of my spaniels.

This is an excellent possession to have. The perfect combination of functionality, good looks, and comfort!

This will get a lot of usages given how convenient it is to carry along with you wherever you go… in particular for the purpose of placing it in the trunk in order to make my puppies as comfortable as possible.

YAKERS chews

When we come across new items to try, we constantly keep an eye out for them, and when we do, we simply can’t help ourselves from purchasing these tiny things.

All of the ingredients in YAKERS chews are natural. They are produced using a combination of Yak and Cow milk that has been pasteurized. The milk is coagulated (made more solid) by the addition of a very little quantity of lime juice and salt. The milk is then crushed into blocks and smoke dried for a period of 28 days in order to give the chews their distinctive flavor.

These things make up the ingredients: Yak and Cow milk with a 99.9% purity level, Lime Juice, and Salt

What goes into their production:

The Yak farms, which are located in the Himalayas, provide the milk, which is then processed such that it is low in fat by having the cream removed. In order to coagulate, or make the milk more solid, a very minute quantity of lime juice and salt is required. After the solids have been coagulated, they are squeezed together in muslin fabric until the majority of the moisture has been extracted. After the blocks have been formed, they are allowed to rest for a few days before being sliced and smoked dried for a total of 28 days while being hung in smoking sheds.

As with any other kind of treat or meal, YAKERS recommends supervising feeding and making sure there is enough of clean water available.

They come with a fun bonus: when your dog is getting close to the end of the chew, you put it in the microwave on high for thirty to sixty seconds, till it puffs up, and then you give it to him. After it has cooled, give it to your dog so that he may finish the treat; this will ensure that it is crunchy throughout.

They are available in three distinct sizes, with prices ranging accordingly: small, medium, and giant. The medium size of the ones that we get from petsathome costs us £5.99.

Excellent as a unique reward, and it maintains their interest for a few hours or even a few days.

Dog Wardrobe | Storage Area

After spending the day in the home cleaning, it was finally time to clean out the dog pantry…

Following the completion of the coal cupboard’s transformation into a small room. Because the dog supplies were just thrown into the boxes, the whole situation was exceedingly impractical.

Because all of their stuff are arranged on one wall, we can easily see what we need to take and determine whether or not we are missing anything.

The addition of a couple of inexpensive hook rails, a tiny shelf, and a few jars may make the process of organizing and storing stuff a great deal simpler.

After a muddy walk, either hanging up the jackets and drying the towels on the line or washing them will help dry them out and get everything prepared for the next walk.

Jars are perfect for use as containers for bows! You may stuff them with a variety of items, or you can use each jar to store items for a separate business.

When searching for a collar to put on Hunter and Eva, having a basket that we can place all of our collars in provides rapid access and makes it simple to navigate through all of the options.

Large tote bags are an excellent place to store all of your outdoor toys, helping to keep the toys organized while also protecting them from becoming dirty.

With a further basket placed on the floor and containing a variety of products, including wash bags manufactured by Hunter and Eva. One with all of the shampoos and sprays that have a pleasant aroma, and the other with all of our grooming supplies.

I hope this information helps you add a canine-friendly storage wall to your own house.

Furbo dog camera

We are now using a low-cost dog security camera that we purchased off the internet, but it is no match for the quality of the Furbo, so we have been on the lookout for a replacement dog camera lately. (with the assistance of Furbo)

With the cutting-edge technology of the Furbo dog camera, you are able to view, speak to, and even throw goodies to your pet even while you are not at home.

The Furbo comes with a USB cable that is 2 meters long, making it suitable for use with any device that has a USB plug socket. Alternatively, you can just connect it into the power adapter and start using it.

You may be up and running in a matter of minutes thanks to a simple installation that can be downloaded on your smartphone, a speedy setup, and actions that guide you through the process step by step. Unless your me… The light continued to flash purple, and after a cursory search on Google, I discovered that I had entered an incorrect password for my wireless network. Haha! You simply have to reset everything and begin over. Simple.

In addition to its attractive look, which is designed to be an ideal fit in any kind of home, the Furbo has a 1080p HD camera that has a wide-angle lens that can capture 160 degrees of the scene, a digital zoom that can go up to four times, and automatic night vision. As opposed to other cameras, which need to aim straight towards the area where you believe your dog spends most of the day, the 160-degree wide angle is ideal for monitoring your pet since it allows you to see more of the surrounding area.

the treat throw is, of course, the highlight and most enjoyable portion of the event. I was a little skeptical that the goodies might get caught, fail to come out, or simply fly all over the house; but, they just pop three to four treats at a time, and they are not too far away for Hunter and Eva to retrieve. With the ability to additionally pre-record your voice to play when the goodies come out, as soon as I yelled “hunter, evaaaaa,” they ran over to it and devoured all of the treats in an instant. Because the audio recording is so clear, people were truly under the impression that it was I speaking. But I think it’s best to get any dog used to the idea while you and your family are still at home.

Additionally, we put the bark function to the test by requesting Hunter to make a sound, and it immediately prompted an alert to appear on my phone. #awesome. In all honesty, I would gladly suggest this device, not only for the ability to throw treats but also for the quality of the camera and sound, which allows you to keep in touch with your furry companions throughout the day.

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