Best Slow Feeder Dog Bowl for Cocker Spaniel


Because my Eva is naturally a fast eater, and because, in all honesty, she just gobbles up food, I have been looking for slow feeders for a time now.

I have always been interested in purchasing one, but naturally, we need to have two in order to accommodate both Hunter and Eva, and some of them are rather dear. In addition, I have always been curious about whether or not they are even effective.

After that, I went to petsathome and bought three different kinds so that I could compare them.

  1. Outward Hound Fun Feeder Dog Bowl Mini – £15
  2. Cool Club Slow Down Feeder Pet Bowl – £9
  3. Slodog Slow Feeder Plate -£10

Hunter & Eva times on their normal round bowls

Hunter:  ’00:17.92 seconds’  |  Eva: ’00:29:00 seconds’

Slodog Slow Feeder Plate (Pink)

I tried this one first, assuming that it could be better than the others, but in reality, it was the one that turned out to be the worst. Although it claims on the package of this giant slow feeder toy that it would “Slow your dog’s eating from seconds to several minutes,” in Eva’s case, it only slowed her down by a total of six seconds… It is nonsense in my opinion given that it implies minutes….

  • Brand: Slodog
  • Price: £10
  • Dishwasher safe: No
  • Would I recommend: No

Food timings:

Hunter ’00:47:40 seconds’  |  Eva ’00:35:32 seconds’

Cool Club Slow Down Feeder Pet Bowl (Orange)

This one is brand new to petsathome’s summer assortment and seemed to work OK for even Eva; she gets over a minute each time, so it’s not too horrible! When moving it from the countertop to the floor, you have to be extremely cautious not to spill food all over the place, which is why silicone isn’t my favorite material.

  • Brand: Petsathome
  • Price: £9
  • Dishwasher safe: No
  • Would I recommend it: Yes – its an ok option for under £10

Food timings:

Hunter ‘01:12:56 seconds’  |  Eva ‘01:05:36 seconds’

Outward Hound Fun Feeder Dog Bowl Mini

This one had the highest price tag out of the three that we tested, and it bragged on the packaging that it was “x10 slower.” Veterinarians also recommended this one. In reality, Hunter is four times as sluggish, which is fantastic in and of itself but is hardly x10… It’s safe to say that this is my all-time favorite! Both of them took more than two minutes and had a foundation that did not slide around and made it simple to sprinkle the food. It was much simpler to clean than I had anticipated since a sponge fits into the edges of it neatly, and it can even be put in the dishwasher. They also provide an option for a larger size to choose from.

  • Brand: Petsathome
  • Price: £15
  • Dishwasher safe: Yes
  • Would I recommend: Yes! Both of them got over 2 minutes each

Food timings:

Hunter ‘02:46:14 seconds’  |  Eva ‘02:06:20 seconds’

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