Cocker Spaniel Behaviour Problems


A man wrote a letter to a small hotel in a Midwest town he planned to visit on his vacation.

He wrote: I would very much like to bring my dog with me. He is well-groomed and very well-behaved. Would you be willing to permit me to keep him in my room with me at night?

An immediate reply came from the hotel owner, who wrote:  SIR: “I’ve been operating this hotel for many years. In all that time, I’ve never had a dog steal towels, bedclothes, or silverware, steal pictures off the walls or use them as a coloring book. I’ve never had to evict a dog in the middle of the night for being drunk and disorderly.  And I’ve never had a dog run out on a hotel bill. Yes, indeed your dog is welcome at my hotel.  And, if your dog will vouch for you, you’re welcome to stay here, too.” 

🙂 Thank you my reader for sending in this cute story, especially during this time of year when a lot of us do travel with our pets. Your Cocker Spaniel means the world to you, and here are some tips for the best care.

Dogs & Pools

Cocker Spaniel should never be allowed in swimming pools due to the risk of drowning. Their legs often cannot support their body weight, which prevents them from being able to swim. Use fences or ramps to prevent your pets from falling into water and drowning.

Dominant Dogs

It is necessary to have some knowledge of canine social groupings in order to comprehend the behavior of your dog, which you have labeled as “dominant.” Domestic dogs and wild wolves are both examples of animals that live in social groups and, within those groups, form a social structure that is referred to as a dominance hierarchy.

House Breaking

The process of housebreaking does not have to be traumatic, either for you or for your new pet. The most effective strategies are those that include simple and constant repetition. The digestive process of a dog typically takes between one and two hours. The ideal situation would be if you already have a doggie door. “Nosing” your dog via the doggie door and rewarding your pet after he or she relieves themselves are also ways to get your dog to use the facility.

Blind Dogs

I cannot see you Mommy, when you cuddle me so near. And yet I know you love me, it’s in the words I hear.
I cannot see you Daddy, when you hold me by your side
But still I know you love me when you tell me so with pride.
I cannot see to run and play out in the sun so bright
For here inside my h=tiny head it’s always dark as night.
I cannot see the treats you give when I am extra good
But I can wag my tail in Thanks just like a good dog should.
“She cannot see. The dogs not good” is what some folks might say
“She can’t be trained, she’ll never learn, She must be put away.”
But not you, Mom and Daddy, You know that it’s alright
Because I love you just as much as any dog with sight.
You took me in, you gave me love and we will never part
Because I’m blind with just my eyes, I see you in my heart.

Your dog’s blindness is a lot more difficult for you than it is for him or her, despite the fact that it may not look or feel that way right now. When compared to its senses of smell and hearing, your dog places its eyesight third in significance.

Aggressive Dogs

Aggression in dogs refers to any conduct that is intended to frighten or hurt a human being or another animal. Aggressive behaviors include growling, rattling teeth, snarling, and biting in addition to snapping and biting. Although it’s natural for dogs to show aggressive behavior, it’s never okay for people to behave in such a way.

Urinating on Owner’s Bed

Additional useful guidance from VerternaryPartner was provided by Kathy Diamond Davis, who said that “this small guy has to forfeit the luxury of sleeping in your bed, at least for some months.” Is he male or female? If not, you should do it as soon as your veterinarian tells you it is safe to do so. This is not a conscious act of disobedience; rather, it is an innate response. You may feel incensed by it, but handle it the same way you would any other accidental housebreaking; there should be no penalty. You have decided that you will no longer let such a thing take place! ” ….

Will they still hump?

According to what Kathy Diamond has to say about the matter, this is “Not a ridiculous question! The aroma of a neutered man appears to be less tempting to the scent receptors of other intact males than the aroma of an intact male, but the intact males are nonetheless aware that the neutered male is a male. The neutered male canines seem to win the hearts of the female dogs. When both the male and female are spayed or neutered, the animals no longer experience the physical and mental ups and downs that are associated with their hormone cycles, and as a result, their connection with one another is more likely to be fantastic.

My child really is excited about adopting a specific cocker!

About children and adoption, when applying to adopt a specific cocker, DO NOT INVOLVE CHILDREN IN THE SELECTION PROCESS!  The adults in the home handle this alone.  It is good to plant the seed of adoption in their minds & prepare them for a possible new family pet, however, the specific cocker you have in mind may already be slated to go to another home, have several pending applications, may not be a good fit, or if approval to adopt is declined, then the child is usually heartbroken when the news is delivered.  Do NOT get a child excited about a specific cocker until you have been told the cocker is going on a home trial with your family.

Cockers are so adorable, I’ve always wanted one, are they hard to maintain?

To a point, yes.  There are other breeds of dogs that are super easy to maintain, and some that consume a considerable amount of money, time, and care.  Cockers can fall mainly in between.  They are a more expensive breed to keep in good shape. 

It takes some extra effort in time, grooming, finances, possible more frequent vet visits (most commonly due to ear, skin, or eye issues), etc.  For example, not only is there the expense of adoption, consider you are REQUIRED to keep the cocker on “YEAR ROUND” heartworm prevention ($$), flea prevention ($$), and grooming that will need to be done every 6 – 8 weeks ($$), vaccinations and blood work ($$) any extra vet appointments for common illnesses ($$), brushing of the coat to keep free of mats (time) a few times per week, cleaning of the ears 1 – 2 times per week (time), etc.

Cockers will cost more in the long run in time, money, and upkeep.  So before you decide to adopt one, make sure you research the breed from several resources to see if a cocker will really fit into your ability to provide for their care.  RESEARCH BEFORE you apply for adoption.  If adopting a cocker will stretch your budgeted funds and time, then a cocker may not be the right breed of dog for you.

I’ve heard cockers can be mean and have behavioral problems, but I’ve also heard cockers have a great temperament and are great family dogs. Which one is more true?

All and none!  How’s that for an answer?  Cockers’ behavior is individual, just like people.  Their traits and behaviors vary from one cocker to another.  Some things they do have in common: 

1) They NEVER do well as an outdoor dog, NEVER, they require & crave to be part of a family, in a home with human contact too much.  Their skin & coat deteriorate outdoors, and they strive to get attention and get lonely.

2) They usually always want their loving human around them.  Cockers are usually people-oriented dogs, and they do well with people, or at least the people they have grown to love and trust. 

3) All cockers are different, one may have issues with resource guarding, while another you can do anything to and they won’t get upset.

A good rule of thumb, if you are looking for a cocker, keep your mind open, and stock up on consistency in training and gentle guidance.  If your heart, home & finances are willing, your mind is open, your situation stable and your adoption plans consistent & strong, then there is most likely a good match we can make for you with a rescued American Cocker Spaniel.

Please remember, our FIRST priority is our cocker kids we’ve saved.  We’ve made a promise to them, a commitment, and we will uphold that promise by all means at our disposal.

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