Cocker Spaniel Fun Facts

A piece of writing that purported to be written by experts from Spain and published on the internet not too long ago claimed that the English Cocker Spaniel was the most violent breed on the face of the globe. I came dangerously close to choking on my cornflakes!!!!

This research is NOT supported by any scientific evidence and is completely incorrect. Although I have worn ECS for almost to twenty-five years, mostly reds, I have never had the so-called “anger” issue. There are some dogs who were merely born with improper wiring, but to say that all of them have red ECS is absolute nonsense!

Instead, learn these Cocker Spaniel facts:

  • The average height of a Cocker Spaniel is between 14 and 18 inches at the shoulder, and they may weigh anything from 24 to 28 pounds. Cocker Spaniels may have curly or straight hair, and their coats can be practically any color. They also come in a wide variety of sizes.
  • In the course of canine history, cocker spaniels and, more specifically, cocker spaniel hybrids have consistently been recognized for having gentle, loving personalities.
  • Because of the tremendous demand for Cocker Spaniels, puppy mills and individuals breeding dogs in their backyards have irresponsibly contributed to the breed’s overpopulation and inbreeding problem. Because of this, a new generation of Cocker Spaniels has emerged that suffers from serious issues related to their health and demeanor.
  • About one-quarter of the animals that are housed in shelters are purebreds.


  • Black variety: plain black or black and tan
  • ASCOB variation, which includes white, red, brown, and brown with tan points
  • Any color combined with white is called a particolor variation. White, solid black, or light cream are the colors of the coat that are most often seen.
  • This breed’s coat has a gorgeous silky texture, and it should either lie completely flat or have a very subtle wave to it. To maintain hair at a length that is appropriate for most occasions, clipping is required.

American vs English

She has long, silky hair, large ears, a short tail that is always wagging, and eyes that are pleading for you to play with her. Yes, wouldn’t that be none other than a Cocker Spaniel we’re talking about here?

The ability of the Cocker Spaniel to flush out the woodcock game bird is whence the breed gets its name. The breed was first developed in England for use as a gun dog, and it wasn’t until the late 1800s that it was transported to North America. Because of the significant genetic differences that have developed between the two breeds over the course of time, the English Cocker is now recognized as a separate breed from the American Cocker. The coat is the primary differentiating factor. The hair of American Cocker Spaniels is long, silky, and wavy.

The coat of an English Cocker Spaniel is more wiry and curly. The difference in average weight between American and English Cocker Spaniels, which ranges from 15 to 30 pounds for the former and 28 to 34 pounds for the latter, may not be as noticeable as it may first seem. This section will focus on the American variant for the rest of the essay.

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