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We thought it would be helpful to show you what grooming equipment we use and share with you some of the ones that work the best for us.

Because Hunter and Eva have never had professional grooming, we have made some mistakes in the past when purchasing items for them, and after trying a variety of products, we have found that these are the ones that perform the best for them.

Mars Coat King (*20 blade)

The Mars Coat King is a stripping instrument that assists in removing around ninety percent of the loose and dead hair. It really does pull out a significant amount of hair! There is no need to shave off any of the top hair since we use this product around once every three months, and it truly brings out the dull and dead hairs while also helping to make the fur silky and lustrous. Unquestionably an essential piece of equipment!

Retail: £31.45 from amazon

*20 Blade is the one that works best for our dogs, although they offer a variety of other sizes for the length of their hair.


Although it is suggested for use on bigger dogs with shorter coats, Eva would benefit most from using this one. She has a shorter and more wiry coat than Hunter, in addition to having shorter hair.

Price at retail: fifty pounds from petsathome

Wahl dog clippers (wireless)

Since the day we brought Hunter home, we have had them, and they are wonderful and serve their purpose. We use the clippers to trim the long, whisper-like pieces that are located on the chest, backs of the legs, and feet of the animals.

Having a cord and a naughty Eva to deal with is unnecessary because to the recharged function, which makes it so much more convenient.

We were unable to locate the ones we have, but we have provided an alternative. Price at retail: £47.94 available from Amazon


Due to the fact that we were in need of a new brush, we just purchased this one from Crufts. This brush is great for getting through the knots in the spaniel’s ears. It is helpful to brush the surface of both coats, but we find that this method is most effective for untangling knots and tangles in the ears and tail.

Price at retail: twelve pounds from petteezer

Animology Shampoo

During the last year and a half, we have experimented with a variety of shampoos, and during that time, we have tried more costly varieties that have a wonderful scent, but within ten minutes, the scent disappears. Animology is, without a shadow of a doubt, the greatest one we have ever eaten, and it has an especially soapy texture.

Eva has the Flea & Tick one since she occasionally has some irritative/flaky skin, but this shampoo has been holding that away since the previous few times that she has used it on Hunter! Hunter has the True colors one, which makes him look even browner, and Eva has the Flea & Tick one!

Animology sells them for $5.50 each retail.

Vetschoice Maxisheen spray

This has quickly become our top pick for merchandise in the year 2022. You give it a good shake, then press the trigger, and it will release a fine mist that has a delightful fragrance that will last for days. It is a spray for conditioning the fur, and you brush it through the fur. In addition to assisting in the long-term maintenance of healthy skin and coat, it includes certain deodorizing components that are designed to aid with extremely stinky dogs.

Price at retail: £9.99; available from select vets (find locations here)

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