English Cocker Spaniel Information

The English Cocker Spaniel is consistently ranked among the top five breeds of dogs in terms of popularity.

The original spaniel was bred specifically for the purpose of assisting hunters and driving wild animals out of thick brush and undergrowth. At the tail end of the 17th century, a breed of dog known as a “water spaniel” was also developed. This dog was used to bring the downed game with arrows, such as a bird that was flying over water when it was shot and bring it back to the hunter. On the other side, the “land spaniels” were better suited to assisting in hunting on land, such as sneaking up on game without alerting them to their presence. However, when the English started employing flintlock weapons in their hunts in the 17th century, the spaniel’s usefulness as a hunting dog began to wane at around the same time. (See more about the Flintlock Rifle on Wiki)

The long, silky, and wavy coat of a spaniel is one of the breed’s most distinguishing features; in fact, the term “silky hair” is sometimes used interchangeably with “spaniel.”

Other distinguishing characteristics are the drooping ears and the extremely broad or very long nose. It may be a combination of liver and white, red and white, black and white, or occasionally even dark brown or black on the face and chest, with a brown dot placed over each eye. It can also be all one color. A breed that is not only unique but also incredibly pure is the English Spaniel, which also happens to be the most popular dog kept as a companion by humans. The term “King Charles” also refers to a variety of smaller, less stout canines that belong to this breed; they are also referred to as “lap dogs.” In general, spaniels have a high level of intelligence, are quite obedient, and possess a strong feeling of devotion. In addition, they are very polite and handsome. These qualities help to explain why this breed is so well-liked and admired to the extent that it now enjoys. The origin of the term “spaniel” may be traced back to the French word “espagneul.”

For instance, the English scientist John Caius, who lived during the 16th century, was of the opinion that Celtic people brought the spaniel with them when they settled in the British Isles about 900 BC.

The spaniel may have originated in China, according to a different notion put forward by David Hancock. The Spaniel first made its way to southern Europe through the trade routes, and it was from there that it was introduced to England by the Roman Empire.

However, it is still believed that the first French spaniel originated in the Middle East at the end of the 11th century. This theory is based on speculation rather than concrete evidence. It is said that the first French spaniel was created when French combat dogs stationed in the Holy Land were crossed with Arabian greyhounds to produce offspring.

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