Taking Your Dog Camping for the First Time? Cocker Spaniel Tips & Accessories

Before we had Hunter and Eva, I made it a habit to go camping at least once per month. We used to get ready for the weekend by grabbing our camping stuff from the shed on Friday night and loading it into the vehicle. When you work with Hunter & Eva, everything is just as simple!

We have just returned from our third camping trip with them both, and it truly is a delight to take them camping since they are both so well-behaved.


We have one backpack that we use to carry all of Hunter and Eva’s bare necessities, and they each have one.

  • Guru trip bones
  • Meals each in a ziplock bag
  • Pop up dog bowls
  • Bottle of water
  • Poo bags
  • Ruff and tumble dog coats
  • Harnesses
  • Slip leads
  • Kong squeaky balls

We also carry a small first aid kit in the bag, which comprises the following items: an antiseptic dog spray, cotton wool balls contained inside a ziplock bag, two sets of gloves, and a vetrap bandage.

In addition, we merely folded up their Joules travel bed and stored it in the vehicle since it was too large to fit in their bag. It is convenient to have a travel bed for sleeping in a tent, taking a nap at the beach, or setting up outside of a restaurant while you are dining.

Because the temperature drops at night, and because we don’t use any electric or gas heaters, Hunter and Eva are more than happy to cuddle up with you. It is essential, therefore, to ensure that they are completely dry before entering the tent.

If you want to spend the day relaxing in your tent and without having to worry about keeping your dog on a leash, you should try to select a campsite that also has its own beach. This will make your life much easier.

During our vacation, we went fishing, which is now one of Hunter’s favorite things to do. However, I think he mainly enjoyed it because he believed that every fish was meant for him. hehe.

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